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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Best Alt Weekly Event

Last Friday, Lemuria hosted an event for the Jackson Free Press to celebrate the publication of Best Altweekly Writing and Design 2006. Published by the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, the Best Altweekly featured two journalists from the JFP, Adam Lynch and Donna Ladd. Adam Lynch read selections of his winning piece, “Evacuees Face Confusion,” and left us all in hysterics with his impersonations of our beloved mayor. The JFP also announced the winners for 2007; these include: Casey Parks, Brian Johnson, Adam Lynch and Donna Ladd. Brian Johnson went on to read his gripping feature story, “Deepest Midnight: Cedrick Willis and the Failure of Mississippi Justice.” I couldn’t take my eyes off the audience as Johnson read. Some people’s eyes became blurry as they held back tears, others just sat, mesmerized, listening to Johnson read while I tried not to stare at Cedrick who was sitting only a few seats down from me in the audience, his mother by his side. We are currently selling copies of Best Altweekly Writing and Design 2006 and are looking forward to selling the next publication in 2007. If you’re interested in finding out more about the JFP and their award winning journalists check out these websites: Jackson Free Press Awards and 2007 AltWeekly Awards Announced. - Caroline Morrison


Jeanie Clinton said...

Dear Carolyn,
Your blogs and book reviews are really fantastic. Your words pique my interest, ring true and reflect your soul, which is super cool.

Keep reading and relaying...and keep up the good work at Lemuria!
Jeanie Clinton, a Carolyn fan