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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Music at the Bookstore

This Friday, July 6 at 7pm come check out Lee Barber and Bruce Golden at our dotcom building. Here's what Lee says about himself on his Myspace page:

Sometimes I come across a tear in the curtain of day-to-day existence and I’m reminded to relax into this waking dream. Music has always played a big part in the reminding. In fact, if I couldn’t make music I think I’d be a wandering wreck…. “There but for the grace of God go I.” It’s an old story... I took up the guitar and started writing songs in Baton Rouge when I was sixteen and laid up in bed with mono... 'the kissing disease'. Many years later, in Mississippi, my friends Elaine and Bruce and I began getting together for free improvisational camp meetings (invented sounds... by turns joyful and ugly). The songwriting spigot had dried up for me some years before, but things that felt a lot like songs began raising their heads, knees and elbows into our very deliberate noise making. We realized... "hey, if we can get some songs into this thing we can do this in public!" So we became a band and called it The Barbers. We played oyster bars and any place that would have us. We once drove from Jackson MS to New York in a buick station wagon to play what the locals referred to as 'the wife beater's matinee' at CBGB's with 'Zero Pop' and 'When people were shorter and lived near the water' (they did a great thrash version of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess... the entire opera!). Several years later, Elaine and I moved to Austin and had a good run of performing and recording. By now, the songs were the thing... mostly. We released a couple of records, “The Barbers” and “You Know How It Is.” The press was good: “a batch of graceful, often stunning songs” – Austin Chronicle, “…the songs ring like sweet calls from the soul. ‘You Know How It Is’ sounds possessed by a spirit.” – Austin American-Statesman. And a personal favorite, “’Picture of Evelyn’ kicked my ass… ‘Killed by Love’ is murder… yeow!” –Terry Allen. The band unraveled, as things do, and I turned my attention to painting, but I’ve continued making songs and have recently begun playing out again with some of my favorite musicians… new songs, and a solo record in the works. I’ve posted some new bare bones tunes here, along with a some paintings, but the music is best taken in live. I invite you to come out and hear the new music.


Anonymous said...

I can not wait to hear you guys! Both Barbers CDs are my two all-time favorites, and I always loved seeing you guys perform every Thanksgiving when you'd come home from Austin. Can't wait to hear the new music, and hope to hear some of the old favorites. Welcome back!!!!!