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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Lemuria Blog's MISSION

        Do you keep hearing about Lemuria's BLOG and wondering what the deal is? Let me explain a little more about it so you'll understand how you can stay up to date on what's going on in the store. The goal of the Lemuria Blog is to keep all of our customers in the loop about good reads, first editions, signings and other events, whether you come in all the time, or  you are one of our many customers from out of town who rarely has a chance to get by the store. You can access our blog by clicking the blog link on our website ( OR you can go straight to the blog's address ( ). In an effort to recreate the Lemuria experience for customers online, our blog includes well thought reviews of some of the books we've been reading, as well as short reflections on others. We will also work to keep the blog up to date on all kinds of store info. so that you will stay informed about First Editions Club picks and signings, as well as all other upcoming events.         Still wondering why the blog is so great? Below each of the posts on the blog there is a space for your COMMENTS. So you can keep us up to date on your responses to our First Editions Club picks or anything else you've read lately. Your comments can be pithy and grammatically incorrect if thats your style or they can be lengthy and analytical... it's up to you. We hope to hear from you on the blog so that we can keep tabs on what you like to read and continue to provide you with great book picks!  Thanks,   Zita and Caroline