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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Work as a Spiritual Practice

Work as a Spiritual Practice:
A Practical Buddhist Approach to Inner Growth
and Satisfaction on the Job

By Lewis Richmond
Broadway (1999)

Around twenty years ago, I studied Paul Hawken’s book, Growing a Business.
Billy Neville, a clothing pal and fellow retailer told me about it, and
he was right.  Hawken’s book still remains a must read for small business

Lewis Richmond, ex-Vice President for Smith-Hawken, wrote this book about
10 years ago.  I missed it then, but had recently discovered it in a
particular reference and went back to get it.  Work is an excellent follow
up to Hawken’s book and for fans of Michael Carroll’s book about work. 
Now that it is out of print, I had to find it on the used market.  This
one should not be out of print.

Richmond, a Buddhist teacher and entrepreneur, explores ways to be
fulfilled with the pleasures of good, hard work.  He deals with the daily
issues we face and offers insight into the rewards of proper coping.

Work breaks down the issues of conflict, stagnation, inspiration and
accomplishment.  It deals with subjects such as: boredom, failure,
discouragement, quitting, money and time, control, power, gratitude and
etc.  Addressing the aforementioned, daily issues that we face in work
allow us to see our own attitudes about these issues.  By examining our
“work selves” within, we are able to address our strengths and weaknesses
in a more constructive way…should we make the choice to do so.