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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Prince of Frogtown

"If he'd had one of those pencil thin mustaches, there's no telling how far he coulda' gone."

We had a fantastic evening with Rick Bragg last Wednesday night! As usual, Rick charmed us all with his charisma and hilarious anecdotes while he signed his latest book, The Prince of Frogtown. Bragg wrote The Prince of Frogtown about his father, saying he didn't want to die without writing something good about his father. In one of his earlier books, All Over but the Shoutin',  Bragg told several stories about him, though many of them were less than flattering depictions of his father. In The Prince of Frogtown Bragg wrestles with both the good and evil sides of his father's character. In the style of Ava's Man and All Over but the Shoutin', Bragg pieced together stories about his father to create the book and from the parts that I've read it is his most heartfelt work yet.