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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Have you ever been told that you were too little???

That's what happens to Lulu in this adventurous story. Ladybug Girl is the perfect example of how all individuals, no matter their age, can create their own fun - all you need is a little imagination. Ladybug Girl is able to help a colony of ants and make her way through puddles with sharks and other dangerous creatures.Though her brother and friends say that she is too little to hang out with them, Lulu realizes that as Ladybug Girl, nothing can stop her!

With this book, authors David Soman and Jacky Davis provide children the opportunity to experience a little "homemade" creativity and imagination...visit us in Oz to explore!


Jennifer said...

I LOVED this book for two reasons...first and most importatnt, the basset hound in the book reminds me of my basset babe, Lizzie, and second, Ladybug reminded me of myself growing up!!!