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Monday, February 4, 2008

Gas Stations and Mardi Gras...

So I was driving home from Mardi Gras last weekend (I'm happy to say I did NOT get shot while I was there) and stopped in a gas station, like people do, where I found this quality literary gem, 60 Things GOD said about SEX. Needles to say, I HAD to have it... I just couldn't help myself. Anyway, it made laugh and reminded me of book in The Abstinence Teacher, Hot Christian Sex

I remember asking Tom if Hot Christian Sex was an actual resource for The Abstinence Teacher but he claims he just came up with the book by drawing from many existing works. (By the way I'm talking about Tom Perrotta for those of you who may not be on a first name basis with the renowned author like we cool people at the Lemuria are.) Anyway, I'm rambling but Tom's a really cool guy you should check out his books, especially The Abstinence Teacher because it's awesome.