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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Zen of Creativity

The Zen of Creativity

Cultivating Your Artistic Life


John Daido Loori

Loori taps the principles of Zen arts as a means to unlock creativity and find freedom in creative expression. He relates his understanding of processes which dissolve barriers of creative expression opening up meeting life with spontaneous artistic expression.

I found this book useful for me in adapting a more clear understanding of my musical expression.

Some 1 liners:

A) Creating is our birthright

B) Music moves into our being and our body responds. There is no thought, judgment, or effort. The music passes freely through us.

C) Allow yourself to become the music, words, or dance, noticing the sensation in your body.

Zen of Creativity is a wonderfully written book, designed to bring out its reader’s creativity generating thoughts of self implication.