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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pia and John

Pia Ehrhardt and John Hart just finished reading selections from their books and once again, I am reminded of how great it feels to sit in the presence of a beautiful writer, whether I am being read to or getting insight into the process, I am moved by those moments. The rain kept the reading up in the store but Pia was as glamorous as ever, reading about the un-glamorous lives of the characters in her short stories who are so real they are ocassionally unsettling when they seem too close to home. John, on the other hand, writes of realities for characters I can not imagine but his literary style is striking, words hang and old pipes bleed rust and I am struck by the power these authors convey with even the most ordinary language that never sounds powerful when it comes from me. Anyway, if you missed the reading you should definitely check out the books, Down River and Famous Fathers