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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Mindful Leader

The Mindful Leader

Ten Principle For Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others.

by Michael Carroll

A couple of years ago, Michael visited Lemuria for his book Awake at Work to a packed house presentation. Awake at Work is helpful reading for anyone wanting to get more out of their day’s labor; especially in every aspect of contribution to self, business, and job.

October 2007, Mindful Leader followers, expressing thoughts on leadership and bringing out our best. Inspiring the best in ourselves brings out the talents of leadership, bring a fullness of mindfulness to our job and through practice and exercise make business work for all best interests.

Mindful Leader is written more for the corporate job structure I believe. However, I got ideas, and challenges, and inspiration on how to make Lemuria and better bookstore.

A quote among many I notated from a chapter on Authenticity Leadership:

“ If we are going to synchronize with our world and be at home, we will have to trust ourselves to lead with our heart without scripts, deals and preparation. In fact. our gentleness is how we step in over our head and take on life’s problems and joys, challenges and passions…such tenderness is precisely the courage we hope to inspire in others.”

Two of my hopes from reading Michael’s new one:

  1. He will visit Lemuria again.
  2. He will write a book not just on good work or good leadership. But add good small business to his canon.