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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Air Between Us by Deborah Johnson

You have to love a book that opens up with a quote from our literary queen, Miss Eudora Welty! And that's just what Deborah Johnson's The Air Between Us does...A reporter once asked Eudora Welty why she felt there were so many writers coming out of Mississippi. To which Miss Welty replied, "I imagine it's because we have so much explaining to do."

Ms. Johnson now lives and works in Columbus, Mississippi, and she will be in our store this Wednesday, January 16th at 5 pm signing and reading from her new novel, which is set in the fictitious town of Revere, Mississippi. And you would be correct if you guessed the story was about Mississippi and racial segregation, BUT you must throw that Southern stereotype out the door. This beautiful story reads like a tale your grandmother might have told you as you were growing up. It's about friendships between whites and blacks, and how we truly all can get along together - even through the mysteries, struggles and good times of our lives in the Deep South.

Mark your calendars and come join us as we welcome Deborah Johnson to the coolest bookstore in the South!