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Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Kafka" of the South

Check out this video of author Tito Perdue. He'll be signing and reading at the store on July 25. His Publisher compares him to Faulkner or Cormac McCarthy, but I think he reads more like a Southern Kafka. Here's what a few other folks say:

"(Lee) contains some of the most heartfelt, lively, funny, and wicked rants I've ever read... Tito Perdue is, without question, one of the most important contemporary Southern writers we have--and should certainly be considered among the most important American writers of the early 21st Century." - The New York Press

"A spellbinding work... Perdue has touched at a very American nerve--a very Southern nerve which sends our lives and his imagination on a collision course to revelations." - New England Review of Books

"Written with uncompromising venom, Perdue's stunning novel tells us more than we might want to know. The author's obvious talent and uncanny wit are reminiscent of Samuel Beckett." - Booklist