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Monday, February 12, 2007


Here is something that I just read in one of my favorite blogs. Seth Godin is talking about employees who are the kind of folks that have been raised to be obedient and are given brain dead jobs - people who follow like sheep. He says it much better than I can. Anyway, this makes me think about the difference between the Independent and the chain book store. Hopefully there are enough booksellers at Lemuria to be different. Enough people who are really trying to do something different, think creatively, and make a real bookstore. A few years ago I read MIchael Gerber's book, THE EMYTH REVISITED. The premise is that the really fun way to make money in small business is to start something that fills a need, then streamline it so that it is franchisable, finally, sell and make a bundle. Well, this is exactly what the Independent Bookstore can't do - we don't want to streamline our services - we want to do for people what the big guys can't do. We actually read books.