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Friday, February 9, 2007

Michael Parker

I met Michael Parker last year when I read and really enjoyed his novel, IF YOU WANT ME TO STAY. Then if occurred to me that I had heard his name before - he wrote a hilarious story that was published in THE OXFORD AMERICAN. The story is written as a persuasive essay by a college freshman in a 101 English class. What is the narrator trying to persuad her professor of? - that there is hidden meaning in the Joe Tex song Ain't Gonna Bump No More with No Big Fat Woman - the story is more funny than the song. Anyway, Michael's a great guy and his new book, DON'T MAKE ME STOP NOW is a collection of his best short stories, including the one above mentioned. One of my favorites is the last story in the collection - Parker intertwines the story of a man's lost relationships and his obsession with triathalons - great stuff. Michael will be at the store tomorrow at 1:00.