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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Southern Funerals/Weddings

Yesterday I mentioned that I spent the day preparing for a sales call. Well, this is part of the book business that most people probably don't think about, but is probably one of the most crucial elements of an independent bookstore. The point is, we actually pick each book that goes on the shelf in Lemuria - we go through catalogs, meet with salespeople, and go over each sale. We personally decide which books go in our store, rather than someone in New York, or L.A. buying books for one section, or from one publisher. Anyway, today we met with our salesperson from Little Brown, the parent company of Miramax, the publisher of the phenomena BEING DEAD IS NO EXCUSE - a humorous book about hosting the perfect Southern funeral. So, our salesperson from Little Brown, David Leftwich, helped us prepare for the upcoming book from Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays, this one is about Southern Weddings - SOMEBODY IS GOING TO DIE IF LILLY BETH DOESN'T CATCH THAT BOUQUET. Check it out.