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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Growing Up In Mississippi edited by Judy H. Tucker and Charlene McCord

A friend brought me a copy of Growing Up In Mississippi and I have now read all of the selections included in this volume of essays---poignant memories and thoughts written by some of our most beloved and distinguished Mississippians.
Elizabeth ( Libby ) Aydelott was my friend and mentor years ago when I was a Girl Scout leader. So, reading her selection as she recounts her growing-up years in Poplarville was a rare window into her early life.
Reading the poignant selection written by Sid Salter as he spoke of his beloved sister, Sheila, filled me with such sadness at his loss.
There are many other contributers, from statesman to news anchor, novelist, watercolorist---each entry giving us a glimpse into the lives of these extraordinary individuals. A rare gift, indeed.