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Monday, June 9, 2008

Indie Bookstores, "Gaurdians of the Culture"

Leif Enger, the author of Peace Like a River, visited Lemuria  Friday evening while touring his second novel, So Brave, Young and Handsome (the title of the novel came from an old cowboy song "The Streets of Laredo"). So Brave, Young and Handsome has had a warm reception so far from my friends and Lemuria's readers.  

            The Event Friday evening was casual. We had a small crowd and Leif Enger is as down to earth as any author I’ve met. We all enjoyed his talk and of course his flattering words about what a great bookstore Lemuria is endeared him to us immediately.  He could have been speaking in generalities about indie bookstores but he called Lemuria “[a] guardian of the culture.”

On that note, I have lifted my quote of the week directly from ShelfAwareness (who lifted it from BookSlut). All to say, this is a great quote about the importance of independent bookstores to our culture:

"I believe that culture making is not a luxury; it is a fundamental, sustaining function of society. And we must fall back onto remaking it ourselves. As long as there is a social need for independent minds, I believe that there will be a call for independent bookstores."--Kristen Eide-Tollefson, owner of the Book House in Dinkytown, Minneapolis, Minn., in a interview.”

He was a young cowboy in search of a homeland

He rode 'cross the ranges in search of a bride

His strength was his glory, so brave and so handsome

His weakness was gambling, his downfall was pride.

–“The Streets of Laredo”