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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Blizzard Voices: Poems by Ted Kooser

The Blizzard Voices: Poems

Ted Kooser

University of Nebraska Press: 2006

Last weekend, I flew to Boston to surprise my bookselling pal, Tim (an ex-Lemurian) for his 40th birthday. Tim founded Newtonville Books* and recently sold his fine bookstore to Mary. Mary is carrying on Tim’s tradition with a First Editions Club and weekly email newsletter (which is a great source for keeping up with New England bookselling.)

On my flight home Sunday, I read Kooser’s The Blizzard Voices, which was my Newtonville purchase. On January 2, 1888, the Great Plains were devastated by a life-changing blizzard for many. This special collection of poetic voices tied together blizzard poetic memories leaned into core narratives of concrete detail expressed through memory. These stark reminisces recorded in old age are lean and with sharp detail.

Tom Pohrt illustrates this beautiful little book of poems.