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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

At Home with Miss Eudora

Well things are really coming along at Miss Eudora Welty's house. The staff members have moved their offices to the Education and Visitors Center next door to the Welty House. The Visitors Center will be used to show the orientation film (which is currently being showed in the garage) and many interpretive exhibits are being planned also. Miss Welty was always a great friend to Lemuria and we hope that after you tour the house that you will come on up the highway and visit us! We have a great selection of Miss Welty's work along with some very nice signed first editions. Of course, when Miss Welty stopped by one could always find her perusing the Mystery section which I hope that she would still find up to her specifications!

If you are interested in making reservations to tour The Welty House, call 601.353.7762 and follow this link for a virtual tour.