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Monday, March 17, 2008

Business and the Buddha: Doing Well by Doing Good

Business and the Buddha:
Doing Well by Doing Good
by Lloyd Field
Forward by the Dalia Lama
Wisdom Publications (2007)

Over the years of being in small business, improving my work and my store is the attitude I approach when I read business books.

I believe we work hoping to do well and be successful. We hope our good work is meaningful to those we engage in the workplace and those we help by our services rendered. Being in business solely for profit seems to shortchange us. Real business worth, sharing human values and understanding realities about our contribution to others and our planet are helpful and rewarding.

I find continuously imprinting the quality of my life's labor a serious and rewarding project. Field's book gives insight to help the reader address their life work choice with awareness. He presents helpful ideas of alternative concepts dealing from profit to ecology, from global economics to personal self value, from business ethics to creating a healthy workplace, etc.

This is not a difficult dry business book, but one read with an open attitude could give the reader new ideas of how to gain work pleasure and reward; controlling the desire for wealth within an ethical attitude.