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Thursday, February 28, 2008

We Are Now Taking Advance Orders for Gil Adamson's Debut Novel, The Outlander

"The Outlander deserves to be read twice, first for the plot and the complex characters which make this a page-turner of the highest order, and then a second time, slowly, to savor the marvel of Gil Adamson's writing. This novel is a true wonder." --Ann Patchett

"A remarkable first novel, full of verve, beautifully written, and with all the panache of a great adventure." --Michael Ondaatje

"Gil Adamson's The Outlander is, simply enough, a superb novel and one senses in the fine writing the potential or perhaps the eventuality, of a major writer. The frayed material of the North American west is rendered in an astoundingly fresh light. The Outlander is also suspenseful to a degree that you are often in a state of physical unrest, a condition only occasioned by first rate fiction." --Jim Harrison

"This remarkable novel opens at full gallop and never slows. Adamson has seamlessly merged a compelling narrative with poetic language to create a work that is full of beauty and heart and wonder." --Ron Rash

"Within the element of nature, comes an independent soul of feminine spirit, mythic in proportion, human in element; a first novel of enduring writing and of the finest pleasure reading." --John Evans

To order the book in advance, visit this link to our official website at