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Monday, February 18, 2008

Stephen King praises The Monsters of Templeton

"Lauren Groff's debut novel, The Monsters of Templeton, is everything a reader might have expected from this gifted writer, and more... There are monsters, murders, bastards, and ne'er-do-wells almost without number. I was sorry to see this rich and wonderful novel come to an end." 
Stephen King

Don't forget that Lauren Groff will be signing Monsters of Templeton tomorrow (Tuesday, February 19th) at 5. As usual, we'll head down to the Dot.Com building at 5:30 to listen to her read and drink a cold beer or two... 
If you still haven't read about the book check out these comments on our blog or read the articles from the Wall Street Journal Article (this one includes Q&A with Groff), USA TODAY and the New York Times review of Monsters of Templeton... Stephen King has been pushing Lauren's book for over a year so check her out!!