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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Left Out in the Rain

Left Out In The Rain

Gary Snyder

Shoemaker Hoard (2005)

After reading two Gary's, a beginning and a late, I thought I would read this anthology spanning 1947-1984.

The title Left Out in the Rain, was taken from the behavior of Native Americans up north.  Choosing to go naked in the cold and rain, choosing to do their outdoor livelihood work (hunting,fishing,etc.) naked to keep their good clothing dry.  They wore sorta clothes from nature; bark, leaves, etc; completely unaddressed.

Unadorned can apply sometimes as a point in art and music.  Some poems in this collection are pushed  to a point of plainness.

I enjoyed IN RAIN and found tracking style change over 37 years interesting.  I felt I begin to see this poets art change and mature.  I didn't find this collection as full of zingers as Danger.  However, much caught my eye and mind.

From Plum Petals Falling:

"Drinking wine

In the garden

The land lady comes out

In twilight

and beats a rug"

My favorite poem in RAIN was "Alabaster," it talked to me.