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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Danger on Peaks

Danger On Peaks: Poems

Gary Snyder


In a best buddhist writing, I read a few poems from Danger. Their quality motivated me to read Danger In Peaks, Gary Snyders first collection of new poems in twenty years.

Danger Poems, begin on the Atomic Dawn of 1945, Hiroshima and as Nagasaki Snyder ascends Mt. St. Helens for the first time.  In poetic grace, the eruption of Mt. St. Helens is linked in time with the Atomic Dawn.  Beautiful words from the authors soul, as Gary graces the dead, the mountain and mother nature in a heartfelt way.

Bleak as this may sound, this collection is beautiful and picturesque.  Words and  paint pictures.

I could hear, from Glacier Ghosts:

"you can never hear enough 

sound of wind in pines"

I could taste, from Winter Almond:

"eat black bread with smoked oysters"

9/11/2001: poetic impermanence closes danger.