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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Successful Aging

Successful Aging

John W. Rowe M.D. and Robert L. Kahn

Last year, I slowly read aging in mostly short sitting. My short readings helped me focus daily on my health awareness. Being aware of my health habits and changing them as I can, may help make for a more ok old age, yielding more daily pleasures.

Successful Aging helped me learn about the results of the Macarthur Foundation, the most comprehensive study on aging in America.

This down to earth presentation about health awareness, made me more aware of my choices, as I look for more ways to improve my living skills in the next ten to twenty years. Successful Aging offers aware enlisting commentary about choices individuals can make to improve their well being.

We can fight the clock. What you choose to do to fight time and when you are helpful to yourself is up to you. Mind in shape and body in shape makes good sense to me.

I know, I’m hardly a great example of lifestyle expertise, however, I’m trying to help myself. I want to control more of my aging process, figure it out, even though when I look in the mirror, I question success.

Successful Aging is friendly, well presented, excellently researched, and is easy reading. It has helped me think more about my personal self-health daily.