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Monday, August 6, 2007

Pilgrim of the Clouds by Yüan Hung-Tao and his brothers - Translated by Jonathan Chaves

Yüan Hung-Tao (1568-1610) was the greatest poet of the Ming Dynasty, China.

Enjoying these poems was easy, as I read a couple of pages daily this summer, smiling to myself often. Wonderful lines jump off the page causing self-reflection.

An example from Returning Home at Night:

“People say a flash of lighting is a smile of heaven”

or another from Dreaming:

“Awake, I feel my dreams are empty,
In dream, the waking world has disappeared.”

I especially like his prose writings in the short essay form: Raising Crickets, Ant Fights and Spider Fights make me reflect on my readings of Thoreau.

This is volume nine in the Companions for the Journey series published by White Pine Press. - John Evans