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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My South Party

Here are some pictures from the My South Party - an event to celebrate Mississippi writers, musicians, artists, and chefs. Lemuria headed up the writers part of the evening. I'll try to identify everyone in the pictures, but if I get anything wrong please let me know. Sadly, there are no pictures of Harper here - the event was after her bedtime. Oh, and Maggie gets the photo credit, although I'm not sure who took the Photos that she's in. If you have any photos of the party email them to me and I'll post them.

Jeanie with Honeyboy Edwards

John and Jeanie

Joe, Leisha Pickering, and Maggie

John and Leisha Pickering

Wendy having her picture made with Willie King

Pat enjoying Willie King close up - Jeanie in the background.

The My South centerpiece

No explanation needed

Joe, Scott Barretta (he organized the music) Sarah Ryburn, and Wendy with her eyes closed. Scott is holding one of Super Chikan's guitars - this one was made from a cigar box.

Greg with Tom Franklin

John Maxwell, Patti Carr Black, and BeBe Wolfe

The party from above.

Ellen, William Goodman, Nan, and Caroline.

Yvonne, Pat, Thomas, Pat, and Jennifer.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you on that drum, Johnny!
Out West,

Anonymous said...

ummm ummm finger lickin!

Anonymous said...

this looks great!!