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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Event Friday night

Louisiana in Words edited by Joshua Clark. Although there have been plenty of “day in the life” picture books, never before has a book sought to capture a single day in a state with words like this. Created from submissions received from the world over, this anthology offers an authentic diary of Louisiana. One hundred twenty nonfiction selections from known and unknown writers run chronologically from dawn to dawn, each one minute in time. From Tallulah to Thibodaux, Shreveport to St. Martinville, New Iberia to New Orleans, together these minutes provide a mosaic of the landscape, heritage, speech, and traditions of Louisiana unlike anything before them. Joshua Clark will be appearing along with Lee Grue - "my house full of pain -FULL of pain" Jack Saux - "Wynton playfully slaps the man with a magazine and says, 'If you ain't from there, you can't understand" Susan Folkes - "The revolution will not be televised" Gina Ferrara - "It happens again like an Ella Fitzgerald recording that skips" Janis Turk - "In the courtyard of yawning, dusk leans over the balcony falling and holding on like a drunk girl stumbling down the street" Jerre Borland - "like you he has hair like ripe corn silk and serious eyes of brown that hold mysteries" Eileen Decoteau - "maw maw's shadow dances across the wall" and Christian Champagne - "Dieter walks out, chicken in hand, dissolving into the humid air and foot traffic on Canal Street".

Judy Conner says about the book - “I have those flying dreams--cruising low over the ground. In Louisiana in Words I can finally hear the voices that rise from the land. Joshua Clark has tapped into the soul songs of Louisiana.”


Caroline said...

Christian Champagne's short story is my favorite in the collection... and it is fantastic!!